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How we work

We work with children who are struggling to engage with education or who need extra social and emotional support. 

The skills developed in The Flourish Kitchen can be taken into the classroom, school and home environment.


" D is able to take control of his emotions. His self-confidence and self-image is very positive now"


Year 2 Teacher, Loughborough Primary




The Flourish Kitchen can support you.  


Our commitment is to enhance wellbeing in children and build long-lasting relationships with schools. 


We offer six-week cooking groups and other specialised workshops that make a real difference. ​​

We use both creative and evidence-based methods to capture and evaluate our intervention.


We are currently using three evaluative methods


  • Food passports

  • Wellbeing Capacities Pre and Post Session

  • SDQ 


We can also collect school data including attendance, detentions and attainment to track the impact The Flourish Kitchen is having.


Please get in touch for more information.




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